Finished Memory Quilt

When Susan and I were growing up, our mom worked at home as a seamstress for a period of time. She had a commercial sewing machine in our apartment. When it wasn’t being used, Susan and I would play under it (confession: we sometimes often drew on it with our crayons).  When it was being used, Susan and I would occasionally earn a dollar each by helping mom fold corners of fabric. When we moved to California, mom sold the sewing machine. A few years ago, Susan bought mom a small sewing machine so she could continue her sewing hobby.

In the days following the memorial service, mom kept busy sewing the quilt of memories.  Every single one of the memories speaks to the impact Susan had on the world.  Here’s a small part of the finished product:

Part of the finished quilt

The biggest surprise at the memorial service was seeing several of Susan’s former 1st grade students, who are now (very tall) teenagers.  Susan would have been so tickled (and shocked) to have seen these children all-grown-up.

Here are some of her former students’s messages on the quilt:








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4 Responses to Finished Memory Quilt

  1. Janet says:

    Awwwww….tears. Again.

  2. Janet says:

    It’s beautiful!!!! (I write that above but it didn’t come out for some reason).

  3. cindyxlin says:

    thanks for sharing!

  4. afwoodall/ann says:

    How beautiful to have your sister live on in the hearts and minds of so many.
    Beautiful quilt to cherish.

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